Serene Spaces Living 3.5-Hour Candle in Mosaic Design Handmade Terracotta Pot, Ideal for Lighting at Festivals and Home, Set of 5, Each Measures 1.5” Tall and 2” Diameter

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These handmade terracotta pots are traditionally called “diyas” in India. These have a colourful mosaic design hand painted on them. These mini pots are fish bowled shaped and hold a candle that burns for approximately 3.5 hours. These little pots of joy, will act as a beautiful addition to your Christmas décor, and they even make lovely gifts for various occasions. These can be creatively displayed at your home entrance, window sill or dining table. Sold as a set of 5, each mini pot measures 1.5” Tall and 2” in Diameter. Each pot is handmade, hence there may be slight variations in color and design.

These candle holders have been handcrafted by the cancer patients at CPAA, India. The Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) works relentlessly to rehabilitate cancer afflicted patients by training them in crafts like tailoring, printing, candle-making, book binding, box-making, envelope-making, painting and breast prosthesis- making; which help them find jobs post treatment. By purchasing this set of terracotta pots, you are supporting the rehabilitation of these patients and helping them to be self-sufficient.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Height 1.5"
Diameter 2"
Material Terracotta
Color Multicolor

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