Serene Spaces Living Decorative Pumice Stone Fishbowl Vase, Unique Lava Rock Container, Measures 3.75" Tall and 5" Diameter, Set of 2

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Both color and texture can help a piece stand out in your décor, which makes the Serene Spaces Living Pumice Stone Fishbowl Vase an excellent choice. Its natural pumice color fits in effortlessly with any décor style and ensures that its contents stand out beautifully. Use it for your floral arrangements for small tables on a bar or cocktail hour table. You can place cut flowers or artificial flowers in the lava rock vase, but you should use a liner if you're going to place water inside the container. The lava rock vase has a lovely rough texture and porous appearance on the outside. Each piece is unique and varies slightly in finish and size. Sold as a Set of 2, the vase measures 3.75" Tall and 5" Diameter. This vase is crafted with lava rock i.e. pumice from Mt. Pinatubo's volcanic rocks. It is handmade by the locals living in the ash-stricken areas to create a steady livelihood for themselves.

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Product Code: SSLLAVA2370PACK2

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Height 3.75
Diameter 5
Material Pumice
Color Pumice
Size Set of 2

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